Why Do Warriors Prefer A Fast Tanking Weapon
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Why do warriors use a slow Main Hand weapon. From Alakazham"a warrior with a 2.0 speed weapon that has 60 DPS, and with 700 attack power, would deal roughly 2.0 60700/14 = 220 damage per attack.However, that same warrior with a similar 60 DPS weapon that had an attack speed of 4.0 would deal 4.0 60700/14 = 440 damage per attack. 07/09/2008 · Nothing else in about warrior tanking really favors fast besides HS,. I get the same from paladins when I talk about slow weapons, people seem to prefer the feel of a fast weapon, they make missing a bit less painful. Reply With Quote. 2008-09-07,. I do understand WHY you use fast. 03/11/2010 · Last Word heroic >> PvP weapon. Plus, I much prefer a fast weapon for rage income whilst tanking, I'll probably have to get used to slow considering how weapons look in Cata but I won't swap before I have to. Note that I don't imply I get more rage using a fast weapon, I.

01/07/2010 · A slow dps weapon with a dps enchant for solo, pvp, low rage situations and to switch to when you have to dps as prot lets say your adds is down and you need to do dps, someone else is tanking, like ph3 of onyxia a fast tanking weapon for maintanking. carry one of each. 16/09/2019 · Elite’s Classic Low Level Warrior Tanking Guide. Description. There seem to be a lot of people getting frustrated with tanking, threat control, and confusion as to what items a warrior should have equipped while tanking lower level dungeons. 20/05/2019 · Protection Warrior has a pretty significant advantage over Protection Paladin in terms of tanking both Mythic and raids right now. With the planned nerf to Protection Warrior DPS in Patch 8.2 and the upcoming essence system, the two tank specs will probably wind up much closer in value. Weapon AGGRO I am a Julie's Dagger warrior; This means that my experience with tanking partially relies on the fastest 1h weapons, disregarding mitigation statistics. These weapons are used strictly for the adrenaline fights where everyone assists instantly and holding aggro takes priority above all other functions. Why? Since you never do any instant attacks with your off-hand weapon, the speed doesn't really factor into damage but can proc things more often, most notably rogue poisons. Tanks also tend to prefer a faster weapon because it lets them use Heroic Strike more often. Weapon speed doesn't matter at.

Thunder fury definitely went to warriors first. Rogues don’t get as much utility out of it as it is a fast mainhand weapon whereas they would usually prefer a fast offhand. Also the resistances and the procs are excellent for warriors in their tanking role. Why do you think Treasure Hunting fits better for Tamers. It doesn't, treasure hunting can only be done most successfully with a mage, or someone who can reliably cast teleport in group right now because some areas you can't even get to without teleport. Any class can do treasure hunting, and a Lancing Heavy Warrior is just fine!

29/08/2019 · I have certain hopes for WoW Classic and one of them is that the community will understand the difference between optimal and viable, and will allow Feral Druids -- yes, Feral, there are no Guardian Druids in WoW Classic -- and Protection Paladins to tank and main tank for groups. But Matt, you aren't saying because I'm writing this.

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